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               Dr. Anuj Kumar Dhama
Consultant Paediatrician And Neonatologist

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I practice as a primary care pediatrician in Gurgaon, Haryana. I look after children from birth to the age of 18 years. My clinic provides curative services to sick children, as well as disease preventive and health promotive services to healthy children and adolescents. Besides any OPD in Khushi Centre. I am attached to Artemis Hospital, Alchemist Hospital & Park Hospital for pro-visiting of in hospitals stay in case required.

My concentration is on caring for patient’s total health and wellness. Through preventive health checks, systemic and regular examinations, we will help your kids enjoy a lifetime of good health . I am committed to early disease diagnosis & treatment and prevention of serious illness in children using a thorough systematic approach. I strongly believe that proper diet, exercise & lifestyle issues are crucial to a child's well being. 

I prescribe antibiotics with caution and only when absolutely necessary and appropriate for bacterial infections. The common cold or other viral illnesses cannot be successfully treated using antibiotics

> Specialist pediatric consultation

> All type of vaccination including newer vaccine

> Nebulisation

> Asthma clinic

> Dietary counseling

> Growth and development monitoring and counseling

> Comprehensive newborn and child care 
> Strict maintenance of cold chain for vaccine storage